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OUR EBOOK: Real Love, False Love: Which is Yours – Answers & Solutions

REAL LOVE, FALSE LOVE: WHICH IS YOURS? ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS is a groundbreaking ebook designed to give you the tools you need to avoid the tragedies, traumas and traps of false love. This detailed love guide can direct you on your way to healthy, lasting, real love. Here are a number of the key features of this ebook:
· A 7 Point Working Definition of Healthy, Real Love
· The Five Major Functions of Healthy, Real Love and How to Nurture Them
· 12 Major Forms of False Love that can Ruin Your Life
· 12 Primary Types of Behavior That Convey Love
· 22 Clues to Identify Real Love
· 10 Actions for Recovering from False Love
· 20 Factor Checklist for Comparing Healthy, Real
· Love with Toxic, False Love
· A Dozen Real Love “Helper” Actions to Take
· Over 150 Good Feelings Real Love can Give You
· Test Yourself for a Limerence State with a 15 Point Checklist
 · Understand Some of Science Behind Love and Lust
· Detailed How-Tos for Healthy Real Love
· How-To’s For Transforming False Love Into Real Love
· Much, Much More

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly is a recognized leader in the field of relationship counseling with decades of face-to-face contact with those needing to cure their love relationship issues. He has attained honors for his professional research, has served as a graduate professor and trainer of advanced professionals in the counseling fields. He provided leadership for numerous training centers, clinics and hospital programs. He has often served as a popular guest on radio and television programs.

Kathleen McClaren, RN was educated in the USA and Europe, has an outstanding record as a psychiatric and mental health nurse, achieved the credential of Certified Sex Counselor, has co-authored professional articles, is an acclaimed leader in the Human Potential movement, was a research organizer and co-director of the seven country European, “Love in Therapy” comparison study. She served as Executive Director of a multidisciplinary counseling center and then as a mental health nurse management consultant and as a professional and lay workshop leader and organizer focusing on healthy love development for couples and individuals. Dr. Cookerly and Kathleen McClaren have been a very love-oriented couple working together for over 35 years.


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Within it’s 257 information-packed pages this book brings for the first time to any reader decades of love relationship counseling experience from two highly experienced and dedicated professionals. REAL LOVE, FALSE LOVE: WHICH IS YOURS? ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS

This product is a downloadable ebook in the Amazon Kindle format and not available in hard copy form at this time. The above book image is for illustrative purposes. only.
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