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Other Ways to Say I Love You

Synopsis: Why say “I love you” in different ways; a dozen other ways to say the “I love you” message; creating and improving your own love expressions.

Why say “I love you” different ways?

The simple words “I love you” are wonderful and in love relationships it’s great if they get said quite often, even daily.

However, variety can be the spice of both love and life.  Having some different ways to get this basic love message across can add that bit of spice or variation that makes expressing your love a bit more artistic and impactful.  Verbally conveying love well is a good skill to develop and having variations helps that.  Having lots of different ways to say “I love you” can help those you love feel extra special and better loved.  It can show that you have given them extra thought and when it comes to love skills you may have more interesting things to offer.  So, I suggest you study the following list and add your own special ways of conveying the “ I love you” message.

A Dozen Other Ways to Say the “I Love You” Message

    1.   I love you sooooooooooo much!
2.   Every day I love you more!
3.   I could not, not love you!
4.   Loving you is the most joyous thing I do!
5.   My whole being loves your whole being!
6.   I love you is my grandest and most glorious truth!
7.   The very core of my being loves you so incredibly much!
8.   I know I will love you even more tomorrow than I do today!
9.   Loving you is such a fabulous blessing!
10. I am in amazing, fantastic, marvelous love with you!
11. Every time I see you I love you bigger!
12. I can’t find big enough words to tell you how much I love you!

Creating and Improving Your Own Love Expressions

With a little work you can create your own, improved “I love you” messages.  One way to do this is to use the name of the person you’re talking or writing to.  Another is to use terms of endearment like sweetheart, darling, honey, beloved, dearest, etc..  Still another way is to use special nicknames.  One caution here, be sure that nicknames don’t have any negative or put-down quality to the person you’re saying them to.  Some couples go through the meditation exercise of discovering what is known as their special, spirit names and using them with each other, which is said to add great power to one’s “I love you” messages.

Alliteration is sometimes helpful. “ Loving you, Barbara, is beautiful” and “I am crazy in love with you Carol” are examples.  Of course if you can be poetic that helps too.  In any case why not see if you can vary the way you get your “I love you” messages across and, thereby, make your love expressions a little more interesting and able to have a little more impact.

As always –Go and Grow in Love

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly

Love Success Question
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