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Many Good Feelings Brought on by Love

(♥ Useful for Valentine’s Day and other loving occasions ♥)

Synopsis: Understanding love’s many emotions; 156 names or labels of positive, good feelings/emotions brought on by healthy, real love; Some wonderful ways to use your love feelings and their labels to help your love relationships strengthen and grow.

Understanding Love’s Emotions It is important to know that love is not an emotion or feeling, but it can be felt.  In fact love can be felt in an amazing number of different ways.  As discussed in the Definition entries of this site (see in the left column), love probably is best seen cognitively as a powerful, natural force and process triggering many different emotions each imparting its own particular guidance message to us.

Another important understanding is that healthy, real love is extremely long-lasting while emotions, by comparison, are fairly short-lived, in fact often very short-lived.  Healthy, real love can trigger or bring forth a great, amazing array of ‘good to feel’ emotions.  Note: good to feel emotions usually have guidance messages that basically say do more of the action that brought on the good feeling; do it more, often, longer, more intensely, more fully, etc. – it’s usually very helpful to pay attention to and benefit from all emotional guidance messages.

Natural, love-induced or love-triggered good feelings are understood to be healthy, nurturing, healing, connecting and growthful.  Both the giver and the receiver of actions that brought on the good feeling usually are simultaneously benefitted by the love and by the action that brought on the positive emotions.  Listed here are many of the very good to even great emotions healthy, real love can bring to you and those you care about.

156 Labels or Names for Different, Healthy, Real Love’s Many Positive Emotions (Alphabetically)
A.      Affection, Awe, Attracted, Astonished, Assured, Ascendant
B.      Benevolent, Brave, Blithe, Blessed, Blossoming, Buoyant
C.      Compassion, Care, Concern, Connection, Complete, Capable,Carefree
D.      Devotion, Desire, Desirable, Determined, Dreamy, Dutiful
E.      Excited, Extraordinary, Empathy, Earnest, Enhanced, Ecstatic
F.      Friendship, Fondness, Forgiven, Free, Fulfilled, Fruitful
G.      Grand, Giddy, Genial, Gleeful, Gallant, Game, Generous
H.      Happy, Huggable, Hope, Honored, Humorous, Harmonious
I.      Intrigued, Ignited, Idolized, Impish, Important, Irresistible
J.      Joy, Jaunty, Joined, Jubilant, Juicy, Justified
K.      Kind, Keen, Kinky, Known, Kinship, Kissable
L.      Loving, Lovable, Lively, Likable, Liberated, Loyal
M.      Merry, Magical, Magnificent, Mated, Meaningful, Masterful
N.        Naughty, Nice, Nurturing, Nourished, New, Notable
O.       Open, OK, Opulent, Obliging, Optimistic, Oceanic
P.      Protected, Private, Passion, Patient, Perky, Purposeful
Q.      Quiet, Qualified, Quickened, Quivery, Quizzical, Quirky
R.      Racy, Radiant, Rapture, Reassured, Receptive, Romantic
S.      Sacred, Sexy, Safe, Self confident, Sensational, Seen
T.      Tender, Teasing, Tenacious, Touched, Thrilled, Together
U.      Unbeatable, Union, Unity, Universal, Up-lifted, Useful
V.      Validated, Valiant, Valid, Victorious, Vivacious, Venerating
W.      Warm, Well, Worthwhile, Wonderful, Worthy, Wonderful
X.      Xenophilial, X-rated, Xenial, Xanthous,
Y.      Youthful, Yearning, Yielding, Yummy, Yippee, Yenful
Z.      Zany, Zestful, Zippy, Zealous, Zooming, Zenithal

Usage There are lots of wonderful, powerful and different ways to use this list of some positive emotions elicited by healthy, real love.  Simplest is using these emotion labels in conversation with those you love to more effectively show your love.  “You help me feel ….” is a sentence you can complete with each of the words listed when talking to a loved one.  By doing this and voicing similar sentences to express your emotions you can enrich your verbal communication of love and, thereby, probably strengthen your love relationship.

Using these ‘feeling labels’ to discover what emotions you most want to experience and making those your ‘emotion goals’ is another usage.  This can be done as an individual, as a couple, as a family or as a friendship unit.  Then, of course, it’s good to figure out what behaviors may elicit the desired goal emotion.  Remember, to change an emotion change your motions or, in other words, change your actions and behavior.  Figuring out what actions are likely to initiate any number of the above feelings can help you discover a huge variety of different ways to go after improved, love relating.  This can be a particularly rewarding and a sometimes deeply touching and/or moving experience for people who intimately love each other.

Simply studying this list can lead to a much greater understanding of love and its many wonderful aspects.  You can expand and personalize the list by adding your own words, and you also can expand and elaborate on the ways this list can be used by inventing your own ways of using it.

To start with I suggest you just look over the list and see what words ‘jump out’ at you because those are the ones that are likely to have some personal, current importance for you in your life.  Two or more people doing this together and then sharing the words that ‘jumped out’ also can be a very love-helpful experience.

Well, that’s enough to get you started, I do believe.

As always – Go and Grow with Love

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly

Love Success Question Can you pick out five, or so, emotions using the above list that you would most like to talk about with your loved ones?

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