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An Alphabet of Love's Good Feelings

Synopsis: This mini-love-lesson starts with a little introduction to love and feelings; then gives you more than 150 positive emotions that can be brought on by love; and ends with some things you can do to use this list to enhance a love relationship.

Love and Feelings

Love causes, triggers and brings about a vast array of various good or pleasurable emotions.  It also can stimulate a number of positive, physical feelings.  Knowing the names of the emotions of love can greatly help people who love each other communicate their love, improve their love and better experience their love.  Remember, love itself is not an emotion but a vital, powerful, natural process of which the feelings are only a part.  Getting familiar with love’s many good feelings can help you assist those you love to experience those good feelings and have them yourself.

150+ Positive Emotions That Can Be Brought on by Love

A.      Affection, Awe, Attractive, Astonished, Assured, Ascendant
B.      Benevolent, Brave, Blithe, Blessed, Blossoming, Buoyant
C.      Compassion, Care, Concern, Connection, Complete, Capable, Carefree
D.      Devotion, Desire, Desirable, Determined, Dreamy, Dutiful
E.      Excited, Extraordinary, Empathy, Earnest, Enhanced, Ecstatic
F.       Friendship, Fondness, Forgiven, Free, Fulfilled, Fruitful
G.      Grand, Giddy, Genial, Gleeful, Gallant, Game, Generous
H.      Happy, Huggable, Hope, Honor, Humorous, Harmonious
I.      Intrigued, Ideal, Idolized, Impish, Important, Irresistible
J.       Joy, Jaunty, Joined, Jubilant, Juicy, Justified
K.      Kind, Keen, Kinky, Known, Kinship, Kissable
L.      Loving, Lovable, Lively, Likable, Liberated, Loyalty
M.      Merry, Magical, Magnificent, Mated, Meaningful, Masterful
N.      Naughty, Nice, Nurturing, Nourished, New, Notable
O.      Open, OK, Opulent, Obliging, Optimistic, Oceanic
P.      Protected, Private, Passion, Patient, Perky, Purposeful
Q.      Quiet, Qualified, Quickened, Quivery, Quizzical, Quirky
R.      Racy, Radiant, Rapture, Reassured, Receptive, Romantic
S.      Sacred, Sexy, Safe, Self confident, Sensational, Seen
T.      Tender, Teasing, Tenacious, Touched, Thrilled, Together
U.      Unbeatable, Union, Unity, Universal, Up-lifted, Useful
V.      Validated, Valiant, Valid, Victorious, Vivacious, Venerating
W.     Warm, Well, Worthwhile, Wonderful, Worthy, Wonderful
X.      Xenophilic, X-rated, Xenial,
Y.      Youthful, Yearning, Yielding, Yummy, Yenful
Z.      Zany, Zestful, Zippy, Zealous, Zooming, Zenithal

Some Things You Can Do with This List

With someone you love, pick out 20 of the named emotions from the list and talk with each other about how you could lovingly do things together that would produce the feelings you soon want to have.

With someone you love, pick out one named emotion from each letter of the alphabet and ask, “Before you met me, tell me about a time in your life when you felt this emotion?”.  (This can help both of you share your positive, personal, emotion histories).

With someone you love, talk about which emotions in the list you most want to experience more of, and which you think are the most important in your relationship.

Now, create some other things you can do with this list to enhance your love relationships.

As always – Go and Grow in Love

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly

Love Success Question
Have you shared with someone you love the most emotionally moving events of your life?

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