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50 Varieties of Love Touch

Do you know how to demonstrate love with lots of touch variety?  The more ways you give, ask for, and get loving touch the better.  Each kind of love-oriented, tactile sensation can send a different beneficial love message.  Each variation of loving touch can bring on different positive emotions.

Each way of giving loving touch may precipitate a different, good, relational reaction.  Not only that, but each kind of loving touch can trigger different, beneficial neurochemical brain reactions which contribute to you not only feeling good but being both emotionally and physically healthier.

To help you look at the variety of ways you can give and get loving touch here are 50 ways to think about doing loving touch:

1. arm stroking, 2. back rub, 3. gentle back scratching, 4. bear hugs, 5. butterfly kisses, 6. buddy hugs (one arm, side by side), 7. bosom snuggling, 8. caressing gently, 9. caressing passionately, 10. caressing sensuously,  11. church hug (‘A’ frame hug) 12. cuddling, 13. contour gliding (moving hand along contour of shoulder, cheek, back, etc.), 14. cheek to cheek, 15. cheek kissing,  16. blowing on a body part, 17. enveloping (giving sense of safety), 18. eye kissing (very gently), 19. foot rub, 20. footsy play, 21. full body hug, 22. French kissing, 23. holding hands, 24.  head on chest, 25. head scratching, 26. hand resting (often on leg), 27. hair stroking, 28. kissing intimately, 29. kissing sweetly, 30. kissing passionately, 31.laying side-by-side,  32. laying on, 33. laying under, 34. laying entangled, 35. leg to leg press (usually seated),  36. licking, 37. nuzzling, 38. stroking with feather, fur, silk, etc., 39. pat on the back, 40. petting, 41. play wrestling, 42. play spanking, 43. pinching (tenderly or playfully), 44. stroking softly,  45. snuggling, 46. squeezing, 47. swinging around, 48. tap touching, 49. whole body massage. 50. whole body kissing.

Not all types of loving touch are pleasurable to all people.  Experiment, explore and respect individual differences.  After all, loving touch is about an enjoyable experience for both participants.

There are a lot more ways to give loving touch.  Hopefully this ‘starter’ list will assist you in bringing some additional, interesting and beneficial variety to your love touch behavioral menu.  Remember, loving touch is one of the most important ways we naturally show and receive love.  With that in mind, perhaps right now, would you like to think of who you want to give some new loving touch to and how you’re going to give it.  Don’t forget you can give loving touch to yourself and reap the benefits any time; for example gently, slowly stoke your arm between the wrist and elbow, center on the sensations of the hand stroking and the arm being stroked, soak it up.

Also remember – With Those You Love Touch Only with Love.

As always —  Grow in love.

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly

Love Success Questions

Of the people you love and like who do you give loving touch to the most, and who do you give loving touch to the least?  Do you perhaps want to amend that?

Image credits: “The Hug” by Flickr user Like_the_Grand_Canyo n.
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