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Why You Need to Know More About Real Love

False forms of love lead to life disasters.

Mistakes about how love works result in life tragedies. Love gone wrong can destroy the will to live, bring on serious depression, consume enormous amounts of time and energy, block productivity and creativity and, at the very least, deprive people of much happiness. Learning how healthy, real love works can help prevent all that.

Knowing how to do healthy, real love well leads to huge improvements in health, happiness and life success. Knowing the “how to’s” of healthy, real love means your love of others can be far more effective, and the chances that you will become truly well loved are likely to vastly improve.

Love of a special other, love of children, family, friends, healthy self-love, and spiritual love all can grow when you learn to apply what science is discovering about this wonderful thing we call Love.

Surprisingly the new love knowledge matches much of what the ancients taught about love. Spouses, parents, singles, youths, and lovers, the lonely and brokenhearted, the happy in love – yes, everyone can put this new knowledge about love to incredibly good use.

You may ask, “How do we learn more about healthy, real love?” Here’s how! First, with determination decide to search for useful love knowledge. It may take fighting the enormously destructive cultural teaching that subconsciously tells you to avoid learning about love. These untruths proclaims “love is an unknowable mystery and we want to keep it that way”, understanding love will destroy its specialness, to keep love exciting keep it a total mystery”, etc.. These pro-ignorance teachings lead many to ruin or to very poorly done attempts at love.

Next, read and experimentally apply what you learn from reading. You may have to sift through a lot of misinformation and some out and out nonsense, but know there is a growing body of well-founded and very useful information to read about healthy, real love. At this website you will find lots of knowledge and sources. Next, read Dr. Dean Ornish’s Love and Survival, Dr. Helen Fisher’s The Anatomy of Love, Dr. Richard Cookerly’s Recovering Love and Dr. Bell Hooks’ All About Love.
After you start reading the really good stuff about love – talk! Talk to friends, lovers family and just about anyone concerning what you are learning. Our knowledge grows when we talk it over with others. Then practice and perfect your love actions because love must be done, enacted and put into action or it’s likely to stagnate.

Love focused workshops, retreats, seminars, courses, etc. can sometimes be found and may help enormously. A good love-focused and love-knowledgeable counselor or therapist can be invaluable to developing your own ability to give and get love healthfully and abundantly.

As always – Go and Grow with Love

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly

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